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Bandicoot - Dualshock


released April 4, 2013
cover design: Wudec
mix & mastering by Wudec

This is the only album under the nickname Bandicoot, untitled "Dualshock". It's a form of a sentimental journey to the childhood and the first Playstation console and long hours spent in front of it as it is thanks to PSX in the 90s, Wudec came across "Music" - program that allows to create, from already made loops, personal music arrangements. Thanks to the "Music" Wudec has began his journey with the electronic music production, and the console itself have created, through games, a passion and interest in computers.


01. I Love You Xiaoyu
02. Sonic & Tales
03. Coco Bandicoot
04. Kula World
05. I'm Alice And I Can Be A Rabbit
06. Jazz Jackrabbit
07. Rayman
08. Metal Slug
09. Future Cop LAPD
10. Tombi
11. Spyro Little Dragon
12. Metal Gear Solid
13. Lara Croft's Adventures
14. Silent Hill